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Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Is HYPERHIDROSIS or excessive sweating making you embarrassed?

If you have tried all of the strong deodorants (even the clinical formulated ones) but you are still sweating heavily, then your anxiety levels could be heightened in public places. For people who suffer from excessive sweating (medically known as ‘Hyperhidrosis), this can be a big problem. It can influence what you wear while also affecting your confidence in social situations diminishing. If this is you, then About Face Brisbane has the solution that will enable you to stop stressing and be about to relax when in public.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterized by abnormally increased sweating/perspiration in excess of that required for regulation of the body’s temperature. It can be generalized or localized to specific parts of the body in regions of relatively high concentration of sweat glands.

Which body areas can excess sweeting affect?

Armpits involve constant or excessive sweating of the underarms.  This can lead some sufferers to shower throughout the day in an effort to avoid body odour and embarrassment.    Constant wet patches under the arms often result in social avoidance and the need to continually change clothing.

Hands involve constant or excessive sweating of the palms.  Wet or slippery hands are a source of discomfort and embarrassment for the sufferer, both socially and in the work environment, which can lead to avoiding simple everyday activities such as shaking hands.  It can also interfere with writing and gripping everyday items.

Feet involve constant or excessive sweating of the feet.   Sufferers find the need to change their socks often during the day and will avoid removing shoes in public for fear of foot odour. Wearing sandals and thongs can be difficult due to slippery feet.

Face sweating involves uncontrollable heat surges to the face.  It may occur when attention is drawn to the sufferer.  This can happen daily with no means of control.  Again, this can lead to lack of confidence and avoiding social events.

Yes, we can treat this condition

Dr Campey can treat excess sweating with the same product he uses as a muscle relaxant for lines and wrinkles. The treatment includes injections that can temporarily disable the sweat glands.  These injections will block the excess sweating and provide the sufferer with relief from this embarrassing condition.

How long will the treatment take?

The treatment will take approximately 30 minutes and there is no downtime or aftercare so you are able to resume your normal activity immediately after.

How long will the results last?

A sufferer can be free of symptoms for up to 9 months.

Make it go away!

Isn’t it time to resolve this embarrassing condition so you can relax while around others and in public situations? If you answered yes, then you need to give our clinic doctor a call. Dr Campey will give you a deeper insight into understanding this condition, provide you with additional tips to help manage it and perform customised treatments that will deliver great results. Another great advantage is that a portion of this treatment performed at About face Brisbane is claimable through Medicare. You have nothing to lose other than your heavy and embarrassing sweating condition.

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