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Laser Tattoo Removal

Is it time to ditch the ink and remove that unwanted tattoo?

We can help with Tattoo Removal using lasers via the latest techniques!!!

Do you regret that tattoo? Or are you tired of trying to hide an Ex’s name or a tattoo that went wrong?

Most of us have made decisions in our youth that we can’t change and regret later in life. Tattoos are often one of those decisions.

Whether it’s that you no longer want an Ex’s name on your shoulder or that bird on your arm that looked good at the time, we can help remove a tattoo instead of trying to cover it up.your tattoo when you go for interviews?

These days while tattoos might be common place for people who work in labouring type industries like construction or manufacturing, but if you have advanced (or want to) into a sales or office based career your customers might not appreciate that snake coming out of a skull tattoo on your forearm. While you can try and hide tattoos that could offend people, wouldn’t it be better to remove them completely?

How it Works

Dr Campey uses the latest state of the art Medlite C6 NdYAG Q-Switched Laser which has proven to be the best method of fading or removing tattoos of all colours. By using the Q-Switch Laser the chances of scarring are dramatically reduced when compared other tattoo removal methods.

The laser emits extremely high energy, short pulses of light that shatters the tattoo ink into minute particles allowing them to be removed by the body’s immune system. There are many factors involved in determining the number of treatments required for tattoo removal. Also, prices vary according to the size of the tattoo. This laser can treat all areas of the body and all skin types.

This video shows the laser tattoo removal treatment in action (as seen on the History Channel):


Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

It can feel uncomfortable! BUT DON’T WORRY, we have a few methods to reduce the pain so it is more comfortable for you. Topical numbing cream, cooling, and Penthrox, commonly known as ‘the green stick’ can be used to take the edge off. Also, the treatment is quite quick and will be over before you realise.

Tattoo Laser Removal in Brisbane

Dr Campey is one of the most experienced laser operators in Brisbane and he has been successfully removing unwanted tattoos for over 18 years. He will personalise your treatment to suit your needs. You may want to remove a tattoo completely, or you may want to fade an existing tattoo so you can have a new tattoo created over the top.  Whatever the size or colour of the tattoo Dr Campey can recommend the best treatment type for you.

Book in today for your free consultation for with Dr Campey and he can answer all your questions. For information on the prices for this treatment, you can visit our price guide page.