Before you have the Laser Treatment for Snoring – suggestions from Dr Campey

Laser treatment for snoring (‘NightLase’) works really well to reduce and stop snoring, but for best results it’s well worth doing something about the factors that caused the snoring (or sleep apnoea) in the first place.

There are many factors that contribute to snoring, some you can work on yourself and some you can’t.  You can’t change your genetics, or the shape of the airway you were born with, but some snoring aggravating factors respond to lifestyle changes.

Before having the very effective laser treatment for snoring it’s well worth attending to:

WEIGHT : obviously obesity has a negative impact on your health in many ways, overloading your heart, wearing out your weight-bearing joints and increasing your risk of diabetes.  It is also a major cause of snoring and sleep apnoea, so before seeing me for laser treatment, it’s very helpful to commit to a plan to overhaul your lifestyle to help you enjoy the full benefit of greatly improved sleep.  There are many weight loss treatments, many costing a fortune, but the fundamental goal is to achieve a negative energy balance, in other words, less energy intake and more energy output.

Very often there is a lifelong HABIT of eating more than you need, and often STRESS plays a major role.  These are problems that can be worked on.  If you SERIOUSLY want to reduce your weight and to live a healthier, longer life, you CAN do it.

Habits can be changed but it’s rarely easy – just ask any smoker who is trying to quit.

You need to get ORGANISED:

1.     Know your BMI (body mass index) Its calculated by dividing your weight in Kg by your height in meters (twice).  E.g. If you weigh 80Kg and are 1.6 meters tall (160cm or 5’3″) then you divide 80 by 1.6 (=50) then divide it again (50/1.6) = 31.25

Your BMI is ideally less than 25, but for some people that’s unrealistic because of, for example, a larger than average frame.

2.    a GOAL Start with a short-term one, say 3 Kg in one month.  Or you might like to reduce your BMI by 1.  More ambitious goals can come later.

3.     a PLAN.  For most people the best plan is to increase the intake of salads and green veggies (in fact any veggies that are low in calories, you need to have that information readily available)

This is a good reference:

4.     MONITOR your progress.  A graph or chart on the fridge door is a useful idea.

5.     BURN more calories.  A half hour walk every day or two is a good option.  If you find that boring, choose something more enjoyable – cycling, paddling, dancing, gardening, whatever

6.     a more ambitious PLAN.  What about a  BMI or 30, or even 25! GO FOR IT !!!!

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